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Course Features
70 Students
Language: English
Self-paced learning
Manual and Materials - Including short videos.
Study Level: Beginner
Certificate of Completion

Course Objectives 

Understanding ourselves, what motivates us and how we prefer to organise our work and our lives is an important step in being more personally effective. Developing practical skills to help us to take more control of the important things, while letting the small things go, can be very empowering and can dramatically increase our personal and professional effectiveness.

By the end of this course, participants will gain the skills in the following: 

  • Better understanding our approach to work and our work patterns
  • Learning how to put first things first
  • Overcoming procrastination and using it productively
  • Managing our time better to be more productive and effective
  • Using good habits to get the best of the time available
  • Developing habits that are proven to be effective
  • Taking a SMART approach to achieving our goals
  • Setting future goals in a way that they will be achieved
  • Making choices which are empowering while reinforcing our motivation
  • Getting the things done and achieving the targets which are meaningful to us and to those we live and work with.

This is not a tutor-delivered course.

Instead, we give you access to the course materials to go through in your own time.

When you have finished you can email us to let us know and we will email you back with your Barony Certificate in Essential Personal Effectiveness Skills.


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